Natural Coach Title Only

Welcome to our quiz! The women of Inner Glow Circle (IGC) are thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with you + see if you are truly a natural coach. Coaching is one of the world’s fastest growing industries, and now is the time to see if you could be one of the world’s next powerful coaches!

We believe the world needs to hear your voice + experience your unique gifts now. Get started by taking the quiz below.

About IGC: IGC is a global mastermind and coach training program, where our clients get to build their own coaching experience. Our program provides women with world-class coach training, leadership + business-building. To learn more about our mission + get details on our training programs, visit us here.

Are You A Natural Life Coach? Quiz

Question 1:

Are you willing to be coached?

Do people often come to you for guidance, advice or feedback?

Do people respond to your guidance with interest and curiosity?

Do you believe we have the power to choose happiness, success, abundance or anything else we desire?

How committed are you to your own personal growth, goddess?

When someone is down, are you able to help them see their way through?

Do you believe you are here for a higher purpose?

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit, sister?

Do you believe that through becoming a coach, you could change lives and create a lasting impact?

Why did you decide to take this quiz?