Welcome to our coach training quiz. Many women begin coaching—on the side or as a career—because it’s a natural fit, something they feel truly called to do. We are so grateful to connect with you and see if you are a natural coach too!

IGC’s Coach Training is a high-level training program for female coaches and leaders. Whether you’ve done some training before or are just getting started, we provide life and business coach training for the soulful woman who desires to expand her experience in coaching, leadership and business in service of her mission on this planet.

We teach the leadership skills coaches need to be catalysts for change. We are here to do the real work. Real transformation. Real fulfillment. Real joy. Real impact. Real change. In our dynamic coach training experience, you receive the support of an entire community of leaders, coaches, mentors, healers and entrepreneurs as you advance on your personal journey.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now, we want you to tune in and really ask yourself. Are you limitless? And most of all…

Are You A Natural Coach?

Are you willing to be coached?

Do people often come to you for guidance, advice or feedback?

Do people respond to your guidance with interest and curiosity?

Do you believe we have the power to choose happiness, success, abundance or anything else we desire?

How committed are you to your own personal growth, goddess?

When someone is down, are you able to help them see their way through?

Do you believe you are here for a higher purpose?

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit, sister?

Do you believe that through becoming a coach, you could change lives and create a lasting impact?

Why did you decide to take this quiz?